Point Health Podcast

Dr. Larson & Dr. Calderon: The Direct Primary Care Power Couple Changing Healthcare One Patient at a Time

Episode Summary

For the finale of season two, we sat down with Dr. Chris Larson and Dr. April Calderon of Euphora Health, a direct primary care practice in Austin, TX. After witnessing the deleterious effects of modern medical practice on relatives and loved ones, they decided to launch Euphora Health to practice medicine in an alternative fashion. Together, this direct primary care power couple is looking first and foremost to improve the lives of their patients, and secondly, to change the healthcare system for the better. Our host, Steven Cutbirth, discussed many topics with Dr. Larson and Dr. Calderon, including the benefits of direct primary care for both patients and physicians, who has the most pull to change the healthcare system in the U.S., and more.